Providing the right environment for development is

invaluable to growing youth.  Kait's Angels

sponsors an always growing number of youth 

programs available at no cost for young people

within the community.  

Besides what a child may learn in school, there

are countless life skills and compliancies that can

prove to be the backbone of success.  Things like

money management, fitness and nutrition, business practice and ethics, leadership skills, 

communication skills, or knowledge of the democratic process can be absolutely

empowering when understood early on.

What we offer

There is so set group of programs offered as 

the different programs available is constantly 

growing and changing.  One thing we want to

make sure of is that core skills like understanding

money, fitness and nutrition, or  leadership/communication are 

always available.  Being in the middle of wine country, Long Island, it seems necessary that we offer a wine making and wine industry program taught by participating local wineries.  This wine course and other elective programs will be available to local youth to help them gather all the knowledge needs to head on a more direct and inspired career path.

Who teaches them?

The many youth programs offered will be taught by

members of the community donating their time to teach

their craft to our communities youth.  We can't thank

these volunteer teachers enough for their time and


If you'd like to teach a class or have an

idea/suggestion for a course we don't already offer,

please contact us.

For more information about

our available programs,

check out our blog.

How to sign up

For a list of available programs, to sign up, or to request other information please fill out the form below.   



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