Kait's Angels takes community support and service very seriously.  Regular volunteering can be very valuable to youth development, and just plain good of the soul.  We encourage everyone in the community to find time to volunteer at least periodically.  Statistic show that kids that volunteer regularly excel academically.  Those same statistics

show that kids that how family members that

volunteer are 90% more likely to volunteer as well.

So, lets set the right example.

Where do we volunteer?

Kait's Angels members serve as the guardian angels

of the community.  We provide service to ANY

charitable organization that needs our help.  Whether

they need volunteers, financial assistance or just

some good old fashion promotion, we have their back,

and as members, you do too. 

We will send periodic e-mails to Kait's Angels members regarding other local charities and their

events including: requests to volunteer at facilities and events of local organizations, updates on their progress, etc. We ask that when volunteering for another organization as a member of Kait's Angels that you wear your member shirt and

report in as a member of Kait's Angels.

If you are not already a member of Kait's Angels

and you'd like to become a member and receive

these e-mails, CLICK HERE

Request Help

Do you represent a local charity organization and need volunteers?  are you in need of funding or sponsorship?  Anything else?  Fill out the form below, and Kait's Angels will do anything we can to provide assistance.

P.O. Box 1081   |   Mattituck, New York 11952



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