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Our “Angel Acts” initiative encourages

members of the community to positively

inspire a friend or strangers life through

a random act of kindness; either one or


A simple random act like buying someone

a cup of coffee or a meal, carrying

someones groceries, presenting a

“just because” gift, staying late at school

or work to help someone, being someone’s

advocate or sharing a simple hug can make a

HUGE difference in their lives and yours.

Take some of “Kaits Kards” to hand to people after

you perform your act and place just your initials on the back of the card, angels like to remain anonymous.  Who knows, this very same card may be given back to you one day!

When you see how your random acts can lift someone’s spirit, you’ll want to repeat the gesture again and again.

How to get Kait's Kards

Kait's Kards are included in the Kait's Kit

member pack and are always available to

members upon request.  To request more

Kait's Kards, CLICK HERE (be sure to ask

specifically for Kait's Kards in the message


Kait's Kards and information can also be

found in our many Angel Acts counter displays

set up at various sponsor businesses around

the community.  To see our sponsors, CLICK HERE.

Angel Acts Annual Book

Every time you perform a random act of

kindness, we ask that you contact us through

mail, e-mail, or by filling out the form below

and tell us about your Angel Act.  What did you

do?  How did they react?  How did it make you


Every year we will compile all of the received

Angel Acts anonymously into a paperback

book called "Angel Acts: Local Inspiration,"

and release it at our annual Winter Gala.  This

book will include all of your random acts of kindness, reported anonymously, along with a map of drop pins to show the reach of this wonderful initiative.

Report an Angel Act